Third-Party Assessment? It's A Good Investment.

MARCH 3RD @ 1:00 - 2:00PM PST

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Why It Matters

A third-party assessment identifies any potential risks relating to a business’s third-party vendor relationship. By conducting an in-depth review of all external partnerships, it can highlight and rectify possible security compromises before any harm is done.


A Regulatory Requirement

Regulation requires businesses to assess outside vendors and examine what potential security threats are posed by the relationship.

Where To Monitor

This independent assessment helps pinpoint specific factors and digital infrastructure deficiencies that might lead to possible compromises within your business.

It's Best Practice

Regularly conducting third-party assessment best positions your company to understand the safety or concern with each of your outside vendors -- allowing you to make critical business decisions. 

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Lou Rabon

Lou Rabon is the Founder and CEO of Cyber Defense Group and
an industry leader in modern cybersecurity. With over 25 years of experience in the IT field, and a decades’ worth of innovative cybersecurity expertise, Lou’s extensive background positions him to speak on both an executive and operational level for digital security.

Remington Winters

Remington Winters is a seasoned security engineer with
years of industry leadership experience. Before joining Cyber Defense Group as Vice President of Security Engineering, Remington served as Head of Information Security at Ticketmaster and Director of Security at Warner Brothers -- where he developed forward-thinking security architecture and practices.